Detecting Bull: How to Identify Bias and Junk Journalism in Print, Broadcast and on the Wild Web




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If you're like me, everything that can go wrong with a computer usually does. So here's an illustrated step-by-step set of instructions for those using Windows:

Step 1: Download the Haihaisoft Universal Player. This is a small, free, software program that allows you to play the copy-protected files of the book. To download the player, click on the "Download" button. The image below shows where the button is on the "buy" page of

After you've clicked on the "download" button, you should see a Windows dialogue box, like the one below, that asks whether you want to run or save the file. Click "save."

Next, you should see a "Save As" dialogue box, like the one below, that asks where in your computer to save the file. Choose someplace where it will be easy to find, like the desktop and click the "save" button.

You should then see another dialogue box, like the one below, telling you the Player file is being downloaded. Depending on the speed of your connection, this may take a minute or so.

Step 2: Pay for the book using Paypal. Enter your email address in the box, as shown on the "buy" page of the Web site, below. Click the button marked "Buy Now Option 1" if you want a permanent copy. Click the button marked "Buy Now Option 2" if you want to rent. If you want just a chapter or two, choose option 3.

You should be transferred to the PayPal secure Web site, like the image below, where you can purchase the license you'd like for the book. Once PayPal checks your credit card or other payment type, you'll get an official receipt mailed to the email address you entered above. Paypal automatically notifies Haihaisoft, the company that protects the book, to issue you a user name and password.

Step 3: Using your browser's back arrow, return to the "buy" page to download either the entire book or one or more chapters. Whether you are buying or renting the entire book, click on the "Entire Book" download button. As soon as you do, you should see the "File Download" dialogue box, shown below. Click on the "save" button.

A dialogue box like the one below should open to show the progress of the download. The whole book comprises 405 megabytes, so it may take 10-20 minutes to download, again depending on the speed of your Internet connection. When the download is complete, click on "Open."

Whenever you download files to your computer, your virus protection software or operating system may ask you for permission to continue. Click the "Allow" button.

Your operating system should recognize that the file you've downloaded is "zipped" or compressed. So you should see a dialogue box like the one below. Before you can use the file, you need to decompress it. So click on "Extract all files" on the toolbar at the top of the box.

Next, you'll be asked where to save the downloaded file (see image below). Choose the desktop or other convenient place and click on the "Extract" button. You can always move the book later.

The extraction process may take up to 30 seconds. A dialogue box like the one below will show your progress.

Now that the file is unzipped, you can open it by double-clicking on the folder icon.

You should see a list of files, like those below, that comprise the book (or chapter).

Highlight the file second from the top, called "1.start_here_P.swf." Right click on this file and you should see the options below. (You should always enter the book through this portal file.)

Choose the "Open with" option, then click on the Haihaisoft Universal Player. The first time you do enter the book, you will be asked to enter your Haihaisoft username and password. After doing so, you should see the table of contents screen below.

From this page you can go anywhere in the book. When you mouse-over any chapter, you should be able to see a brief summary of its contents. Click on the chapter to read it. You can also use the toolbar at the top right to see the bibliography, acknowledgements, etc. As you go through the book, whenever you mouse-over a photo or image, it should enlarge. Click the swirling blue pens for footnotes and live links to reference materials online.